Augmented Reality



    Life is for sharing


    Inspired by electropower we decided to share our passion and bring the world of electronic music to people keeping them to date in the music scene


    Be up to date with the latest news of the electronic music scene including event - and concert dates, purchase tickets online via mobile payment and enjoy additional features


    Watch hours and hours of artists features from Electronic Beats TV and live cuts from Electronic Beats events in high quality

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  • Ferrari


    Engine symphony


    Of course you know Ferrari — but you do not know what is due to us in 2009, anyone could feel sound in your own hands


    Accurate reproductions of the different speedometers for each model could let you feel high-quality sound records


    We put the passion in your hands: Compose your own Ferrari symphony, changing the engine's sound patterns based on your real-time acceleration, deceleration and gear shifting using the iPhone controls.

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  • The Future is happening Now

    The Future is happening Now

    Future is happening now

    We know about Artificial Intelligence Projects, Machine Learning Projects, Augmented Reality Projects, Blockchain Projects. We have own experience and even products, which we made on top of every technology: A-Net, AR Calendar, Cryptocurrencies, ICO. However, that was the first time when one single project was incorporating all these technologies.

    So, what we've discovered? 

    The new shape of existing industries. It's overexciting!
    Like semiconductors changed the shape of the hardware. Or steam changed the shape of naval forces. Or electricity changed the shape of manufactures. The same way modern technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Augmented Reality, Blockchain are substituting other modern technologies, such as computerized algorithms or embedded software. Well, you know, there are still companies and products, which aren't implemented even simple software. That's why this is overexciting. Definitely, like the leap to the future.

    Fortunately, there are industries, which adopting new technologies almost immediately. Staying on the bleeding edge of technologies guarantee that they won't lose in a tough competition. In fact, now we are sure, that this is an ideal strategy for any company aiming the success.

    What was impossible years ago now achievable. What was overcomplicated and expected to take years and significant budget now takes months or even weeks and accessible. Just imagine that multitier PKI solution with different access rights for different roles is ready to serve you via proper configuration of Blockchain. Indeed, somebody should still configure it, but the whole solution already there.

    Imagine that instead of using sophisticated algorithms of pixel recognition you have a wide variety of Artificial Intelligence platforms to perform video streaming recognition in a real-time.

    Imagine that you can train the solution to do certain operations with heavy equipment automatically.

    Finally, you can visualize everything just in front of the eyes of your customers and it will still take less time than drawing a simple powerpoint presentation.

    Since the first prototype has been ready and demonstrated - it took only a few weeks until the first strategic customers reached inventors. This is amazing already. However, the applicability of the solution for different industries attracts other customers. So, right now the question is not is it a success or not? The question is how big will be a success at the end of the day. 

    Indeed, it looks like the formula of success. We are definitely sure that such success required more than just top technologies used. However, modern technologies made it achievable even for a small company.


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