The business success is related to the mix of secret sauce, better service, faster delivery, lowest expense, higher revenue, customer's insights. Nowadays Digital Technologies can help any business or organization with everything listed above except the secret sauce, of course. There is a wide range of competitive advantages we can propose:

IT Starters Package


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W33 or Wee - is the tiniest subscription package. It is designed for a small businesses or companies, which are just willing to try our professional service. Wee starts from 3 hours per month of any of the following IT Professional Services:

  • Tech Business Adviser. The goal: distinguish valuable IT solutions with the positive impact to your business from the useless IT expenses.
  • DevOps. Like a SpecOps, these guys are unseen unless something happening. Their main focus is Business As Usual. It means that everything is working and there is no any problem, all risks mitigated and even if your laptop will be infected by the deadly virus - the time and the price for the recovery will nicely surprise you.
  • Tech Broker. The main objective: getting things done. You have an idea and need someone to guarantee its delivery in time and budget? These guys will definitely help.
  • If you have a lack of budget for the full time IT specialist, there is a great deal to let you have professionals on your side.
Cyber Security package


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WARDEN is package related to Cyber Security. It is beneficial for the companies, which require to protect their informational assets or have to comply with the specific Information Security Compliances. For small businesses, we recommend considering DevOps from W33 package unless only top guns required.

  • Ultra-V-Scanning and Penetration Testing. Our professional auditors will check every single element of your IT infrastructure and get back with the detailed report: how they did it? what was discovered? is there any weakness? how it can be remediated.
  • Professional Cyber Security Consulting. Cyber Security Consulting has several deep areas, which we know inside-out. Moreover, we know how they are linked to each other, so we can consult, we will take the responsibility on our consultation, and finally, we'll care about our customers the best we can.
  • Security Compliance. Each compliance is the best practice framework designed for efficient risk management, mitigation of existing weaknesses and their proper remediation.
  • Security Monitoring. Intruders never take a break, our continuous security monitoring neither. It is the only way to keep any solution secure and immediately address any threat.
  • Security Awareness Trainings. There are 2 ways of being aware of something: own experience and awareness training. We believe that any individual or organization will benefit of the awareness training to avoid harmful consequences of own experience.

The rule #1 - the Cyber Security Defence is like a chain - it is strong as strong the weakest cell in it. Eliminate weaknesses and enjoy safety!