• Active Time


    ZEUS ELECTRONICS developed a smart fitness app that challenges users to be ACTIVE

    Start Your Fitness Challenge NOW


    Client wants to see a new smart fitness app with unique tools for recording all activities, choosing the best way to back in a shape and social media integration.

    The main task was to create a special app that help users, who are currently overweight or inactive, get their moving again, and on the road to shedding those unwonted pounds give them more and more motivation by the ability to invite their friends and get competition with them.


    I. Creating a special form of motivation system. This system must increase users wants to adhere a healthy lifestyle.

    II. Development unique 30 day program training for beginning you healthy lifestyle.

    III. Creating and implementation tolls for tracking users activity, calculation burned calorie and BMI, plans for different types of activity and integration to social media for sharing your results and success.


    I. You don`t have to be a competitive athlete or have a gym membership. The app record every calorie you burned and activity, whether you swim, run or ride. Active Time is your pocket trainer.

    II. 30 day Fitness Challenge – for athletes, who wants to be a champion.

    III. Start your way with friends and get all information about you activity.


    Dedicated team consist of three professionals and include: Project Manager, Software Engineer and QA Engineer. Project work continued for 6 months.

    In work was use following technical stack:
    CocoaTouch, GeoLocation, FHS Twitter engine, Objective-C, FB SDK, CorePlot.

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  • Asternomic


    ZEUS ELECTRONICS create a helpful app for comfortable traveling in Italy.

    Travel in Italy? Need advice? Can`t decide where to go next? Your own personal guide in your pocket!


    Client turned to us with interesting and perspective idea. He wants an app that can help everyone, who come to Italy.

    The task was to connect unknown people in different place for giving advice about hotels, restaurant, parking, pizzeria and other places and use on-line map, where you can see this places.


    I. Increasing level of touristic service and amount of tourists.

    II. Implementing access from social networks, use on-line map with hotels, restaurant, parking, pizzeria and other places, chat with pilgrims, chirons or businesses.

    III. Quick access to touristic information. Involving local people for on-line tours through entertainment and historic place.


    I. Continuous positive feedback about the app from tourists and even citizen, interesting history about new meetings.

    II. On-line map with all information about entertainments places included even a phone number, chat with other people whether they are tourists or citizens.

    III. Tourists discover for them much more useful and interesting information from citizen than presented in tourists book.


    The project was created and implemented by team of 3 professionals: Project Manager and Software Engineers in 10 months.

    Technical stack included:
    PHP, Postgre SQL, Zend Framework, Ejabberd, JAXL, Android, Smack, iBeacon.

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    Life is for sharing


    Inspired by electropower we decided to share our passion and bring the world of electronic music to people keeping them to date in the music scene


    Be up to date with the latest news of the electronic music scene including event - and concert dates, purchase tickets online via mobile payment and enjoy additional features


    Watch hours and hours of artists features from Electronic Beats TV and live cuts from Electronic Beats events in high quality

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  • Ferrari


    Engine symphony


    Of course you know Ferrari — but you do not know what is due to us in 2009, anyone could feel sound in your own hands


    Accurate reproductions of the different speedometers for each model could let you feel high-quality sound records


    We put the passion in your hands: Compose your own Ferrari symphony, changing the engine's sound patterns based on your real-time acceleration, deceleration and gear shifting using the iPhone controls.

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  • Kitchee


    ZEUS ELECTRONICS creates unique tool for best control of your costs.

    Scanner in your pocket


    Kitchee is an application, that can scan, recognized receipts and create a special database of it. Also, you can sort information about your products and share it with other users.

    The goal was to build the special app, which simplify control of your costs in shops and give an opportunity to give an advice to other about the best price on interesting for them goods.


    I. To create a program to simplify the process of cost control.

    II. Creating and implementing special tool for sorting information about products, price and shops.

    III. Using a database for saving information.


    I. Efficient saving money due to the cost control and low price

    II. Service of recognizing can read information from “yesterday” receipts

    III. The ability to identify the most frequent purchase


    The project was handled within five months by team of four: Project Manager, Software Engineers and QA Engineer.

    The technology stack included:
    Android, OpenCV, Tesseract OCR, PHP, FuzzyMatching, Levinshtein Distance Algorithm.

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  • My VPN

    MY VPN

    Connect with one Click


    All products have their pros and cons. We took into account the needs of the middle market segment, their mistakes, and failures of similar services. We do not use the standard library utility, which by default can be vulnerable.


    Users of the service is able to use the Dutch, British and American IP addresses. This means they will be able to use the banking, corporate e-mail, call on Skype from anywhere in the world without fearing that their data would be stolen. Especially with open networks and WiFi.


    We create products that are easy to use. MyVpn available on MAC OS X, iOS, Windows, windows phone, Linux, android, Kindle, blackberry and tv-box.

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  • OddZ


    Win the dispute or do what you say

    ZEUS ELECTRONICS create and develop interesting app, where you can get someone to do what you want, or had to do what they say.


    OddZ takes you into the game with another person, where you need to win a bet and an opponent fulfill your wishes or, in case of failure, you have to fulfill one's desires.

    The idea was to create unusual application, where you can get a dispute with other people and, in case of failure your opponent, he must do your wish and give a proof of it. If you lose – you must to do it.


    I. To create service that can involved people in interesting game. Make the rest more exciting and full of emotions.

    II. Creating and implementing special tool for using mobile camera to do a proof and then sharing this proof (photo, video or audio).

    III. Link special server for storage all evidence with your device and facility to view previous proofs.


    I. Exciting and gambling application, which give new challenges for people and more enjoyment in their life.

    II. The game take a few minutes, but give you much more emotion.

    III. All information you can get in a seconds use only your device.


    A dedicated team of 3 employees, including Software Engineers and QA Engineer was assigned to the project. The team has been involved in the project for 6 months.

    Technology stack was defined and included:
    SWIFT programming language, PHP, MySQL, Yii2, Apple Push Notification Service (over HTTP/2).

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  • Pocket Library


    Atmosphere, investis and more


    What if you could imagine more, matching the mood of the scene you're reading with music? Forget about random songs playing – just actual music that matches the mood of the scene you're reading, like a soundtrack for a movie


    Future of publishing is in mobile apps – portable display cases for any publisher available even there is no Internet connection


    Believe it or not – we deliver over 130,000,000 pages each month. Conclusions for you

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  • RoadCube


    Solution for drivers

    ZEUS ELECTRONICS helps to upgrade marketplace for drivers and create new unique service using business analysis, design and swift programming language.


    The Client is turned to ZEUS looking for a solution for his app RoadCube. This app finds the nearest gas station, car washes, parking and other services to you.

    The task was to increase usability by developing design and functionality. Give opportunities to choose best variant after comparison the price for services&goods, determine the distance to the location, make the order and pay it.


    While ZEUS-team worked on this project, it was decided to introduce a number of upgrades and improvements, for better understanding, how it works, and higher productivity of this app. It includes:

    I. Fix bugs of the application for more stable functioning

    II. Implementation system of the reservation of parking places

    III. Upgrading design for more comfortable using it on the road


    I. Adding new tools to improve application functionality.
    Implemented system for reservation parking places gives you an opportunity to find parking with a free parking places, make pre-order and pay for it through your mobile device.

    II. Using better design for comfort use on the road without accident risk.
    The new design allows to quickly and effectively using the app while you driving a car. You find all what you need without any problems and still be in safety on the road.


    The project team consists of 3 team members, including Project Manager and Software Engineers. The project was upgraded in two weeks by our team of professionals. As the active development phase is over, we currently provide continuous support.

    The product was built using such technologies:
    SWIFT, Cocoa Touch, Storyboard, Braintree Payments.

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